"Operation Save Teens" is an age appropriate education and awareness program designed to educate youth on the inherent dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, distracted driving, the misuse of social media, and other destructive teen practices.

Some of the following topics maybe applicable to your school:

A. SOCIAL MEDIA - Discussion on the long-term effects of posting questionable content on social media sites, texting, instant messaging and sexting.

B. MOTOR VEHICLES - Discussion on the responsibilities associated with the privilege of driving.

C. MARIJUANA - Discussion on the dangers of marijuana use and the lasting effects on the developing body and the brain of young people. Students have access to many new forms of marijuana many of which are readily available at local retailers. These new forms include, but are not limited to:

  • CBD - Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10; THC-O;

  • DABBING - Discussion on the extremely high levels of THC content which results in erratic behavior and deadly consequences;

  • EDIBLES - Discussion and identification of edibles and the hazards of experimenting with food products laced with controlled substances like CBD and THC;

D. VAPING - Discussion on the vaping health crisis and how vaping is not a smoke cessation protocol. Vaping companies compromised a generation of our youth on a false narrative. Focuses on the deaths and bodily harm created by use and the lasting effects;

E. SYNTHETICS - Discussion on the inherent dangers of synthetic drugs and availability to the general public.

F. OPIOIDS - Discussion on the U. S. life expectancy and how the “Opioid Crisis” has brought back the use of Heroin in America.

G. ALCOHOL - Discussion on the effects of alcohol and underage drinking.

Lt. Mike Reese talks with an Alexandria High School student after Operation Save Teens.